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Strawberry Sweet Perfume

Strawberry Sweet Perfume

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Tutti Delices / Tutti Delights Fraise Bonbon by Tutti Dlices is a Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. Rediscover the sweet and delicious sweetness of Strawberry Cream Vanilla. Designed to bring back pleasant childhood memories of your favorite sweets, this scent envelops you like a cloud, and the beautiful bottle stands out from the rest.
This delicate strawberry fragrance combines flirty and connoisseur notes by forming a sweet and zesty aftertaste.

Top notes: Strawberry
Middle notes: Whipped Cream
Base notes: Musk and Vanilla

Discover timeless recipes, with addictive fragrances. Tutti Delices is a safe bet without any calories! Fall back into childhood with gourmet fragrances to be crunched! A stylish and unique bottle attracts special attention.
Fraise Bonbon: Sweet Strawberry
Made in France

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