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Harper Collins

Kid Classics Frankenstein

Kid Classics Frankenstein

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Share the spine-chilling tale of Frankenstein with young readers in this fun, illustrated chapter book! Perfectly spooky, beginner readers will explore the balance between technology and humanity in this adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

With just the right amount of scary for spooky little readers, children can delight in the fascinating horror story of Victor Frankenstein.
On a stormy summer evening two centuries ago, Mary Shelley wrote the classic tale about a scientist and his monstrous creation. After Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret to life and uses it to build an eight-foot-tall monster, he realizes he's made a creature that he can't take care of - or control! Frankenstein and the monster chase each other across Europe, along the way learning lessons about ambition and heartbreak, the effects of technology on our lives, judging others based on looks, and the healing powers of nature.

This just-for-kids retelling of Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein:

  • Is an abridged, child-friendly version of Mary Shelley's novel
  • Features beautiful illustrated hardcover with illustrations in each chapter
  • Is perfect for homeschooling, school reading challenges, and beginning readers
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