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Nail Art Deck

Nail Art Deck

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An eye-catching deck featuring contemporary nail designs from celebrity nail artist Hang Nguyen of @TheHangEdit. Nail Art Deck teaches users how to easily create their own fun, distinctive nail art. Famed nail artist Hang Nguyen shares tip and techniques for nail prep and painting, plus 30 all-level designs that range from flowers to celestial patterns, holiday motifs, and more, so there's something for every occasion and mood.

Open the stylish box to discover a sliding tray filled with 30 full-color cards, each with a photo and step-by-step instructions to recreate the designs at home-or bring to the salon for a professional to replicate on your hands. An accompanying booklet features a QR code that links to exclusive how-to videos (perfect for fans of Hang's digital content!). Paired with a buffer and file or a few bottles of polish, this inspiring, on-trend deck is a super cute stocking stuffer or anytime gift for fans of nail art, beauty, style, or arts & crafts.

EASY-TO-USE FORMAT: The portable deck format is easy to use-no struggling to hold open a book or turn a page while painting your nails!-and allows you to bring a card to the salon if you'd prefer to have a professional paint the designs for you.

SUPERSTAR AUTHOR: Hang has a background in fine art and got her start in the nail world by painting on photoshoot sets. She has worked with numerous brands and had a number of celebrity clients, including Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato, before she moved to the UK. She continues to share nail art on social media, where she's gained a sizeable following thanks to her creative, contemporary designs and helpful how-to videos.

NAIL DESIGNS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: In addition to plenty of anytime designs, the deck includes seasonal and occasion-based designs, such as Good Morning Spring, The Unpinchable Clovers (St. Patrick's Day), Red, Blue & Starry (July 4th), and Blissed in Mistletoe Kisses (Christmas), making it the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.


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