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Pando Trivia Kids Edition

Pando Trivia Kids Edition

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Players can test how well they know their friends and family in this trivia game.

Pando Kids Edition is for 2-10 players with a recommended age range of 7-12. While the game is meant for younger players, older players and adults can still play alongside children, though some of the questions may not apply to older players.

For instance, a question like “Do I play four square at recess?” may not apply to an older player, but these questions can be adapted to suit older members of the group. In this example, the group may want to change the question to something like “Did I play four square at recess when I was in school?” if that better fits their situation.

Pando Kids Edition features 315 trivia cards that each contain three different questions. During each game, players will take turns being the current “Reader” and “Guesser.” On each turn, the current Reader will draw a card and ask the Guesser the three questions on the card. The Guesser will need to answer the questions with answers that they think are true for that particular Reader.

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