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That's My Aesthetic

That's My Aesthetic

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Match your personality with your core aesthetic ✨

Want to know what your true inner aesthetic is? This “Who’s most likely to…” will help you find out…

That’s My Aesthetic is the personality test that matches your character to your soul style with mind-blowing accuracy 🤯 🎯 

150 highly scientific scenario cards will reveal who in your group is a glittery-pink Barbiecore ✨ who is an Earth-loving Cottagecore 🌱 and who’s the individualistic Indiecore 🎸.

If you’re a Gen Zer, or even if you’re not, this style quiz is perfect if you’re looking for party games for Christmas, party games for a bachelorette party, party games for birthday parties, or super fun games for groups.  

So get to know your squad better than ever before with That’s My Aesthetic – the next big thing in big nights in.

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