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Vanilla Whipped Cream Perfume

Vanilla Whipped Cream Perfume

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WE ARE ALL BIG KIDS ! In a constantly evolving world, technological innovation, hyper-digitization, space travel and more, the countless advances are push us to reconnect with the past. The “retro” connotation sparks emotion and takes on a comforting, reassuring aspect, bringing us closer to true authenticity. It’s a trend that makes us feel good and adds meaning to our lives. TUTTI DELICES A SAFE BET, WIHTOUT ANY CALORIES ! Discover timeless recipes, with addictives fragrances : Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Strawberry Sweet and Vanilla Whipped Cream. Fall back into childhood with gourmet fragrances to be crunched! Vanilla Whipped Cream : Let the sugary smoothness of vanilla-scented whipped cream bring on pure nostalgia for carefree holidays.

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